Tell Me About Yourself…

2011年07月05日 Posted by Nicky

“Hello. My name is Nicky Siegfried. I’m 26 years old. My birthday is May 22nd. I live in Shinjuku-ku.”

Perfect, native-speaker English, right?

That’s the aim with the new Self-Introduction program in our Graders Classes (for elementary school students).

With the new program, children will be learning to introduce themselves in English, starting with basic personal information, including their names, birthdays, and addresses.

Once the kids memorise these sentences, they will then be able to move on to using simple English to share about their families, schools, fears, talents, daily routines, and even their hopes and dreams for the future.

The program has just started recently, and the kids are already starting to give mini introductory speeches in English.

I’m excited to see their ability to communicate expand more and more in the near future!

Go, kids!! You can do it!!!

Animal Mania Part 2 – Animals on the Menu!!


As well as learning about animals using our bodies and minds throughout this unit, we also learned about animals using our MOUTHS!!!

Snack time is a favorite for most of our kids (I guess, all of them…!) so special animal-themed snacks had to be part of our April and May curriculum, of course!!

In April, the kids created their very own mini-zoos, using animal crackers and cheese (to help the animals to “stand”). They were allowed to choose three animals, using English to ask for the different animals. This was great practise as there were many unusual animals – fox, panda, cheetah….

In May, we celebrated the warmer weather outside with a colorful indoor snack – fairy bread butterflies!!!

Fairy bread (bread topped with butter and rainbow sprinkles) is a popular snack in NZ (Andrew and Nicky’s home country), and it turns out that it is just as popular over here in Japan!!!

I love seeing our little cuties enjoying using English – especially at snack time! They are very enthusiastic!!

Bon appetit, Everyone!!!











Where is baby bear?

2011年06月15日 Posted by makiko

先月のMommy & Meクラスでは、craft timeにこんな可愛いカードを作りました!

Peek a Boo! Book (いないいないばあ!の絵本)と題して、Mommy とDaddy bearが”Where is baby bear?”と子供を探しページを開くと、”Here I am !” と現れるシンプルなしかけ絵本となっています。


Animal Mania Part 1 – Getting Creative…!!


April and May at English Now Myogadani have been all about animals, animals and more animals!!

We’ve been studying farm animals (horse, pig, cow, duck, turkey, sheep, cat, and dog), as well as zoo animals (lion, monkey, seal, kangaroo, penguin and crocodile). Our clever little ones can now shout out the names of the different animals when they are shown the flashcard or given a clue: “This animal has a long green nose and sharp teeth!” 

We have had so much fun learning all sorts of interesting facts about the animals: Is an (elephant) big or small? Can a (bird) fly? Can a (fish) swim? What noise does a (pig) make? What does a monkey look like? 

And even more fun is ACTING like animals – the kids loved singing many songs that had them running around flapping their arms like birds, roaring like lions, jumping like kangaroos, slapping their fins like seals and much, much more!!
We always try to give our kids opportunities to express themselves creatively.

And our wee preschoolers made these cute and cheeky Eency-Weency Spiders!!

It has been a super fun two months and I’m excited for the next two months with our brand new theme….body parts!!!! More news on that soon!!

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