2011年05月31日 Posted by Andrew

When we first started this school back in September, everything was new and exciting, and chaos ruled the classroom. So much to explore! Unknown sights, sounds, colors, people!
Nine months later, so much has changed. Children are able to recognize words and sentences. A sense of routine has secretly crept into their English lives.
Teachers give simple instructions, and most students are able to respond without help. “Get a chair,” we say. “Make a circle,” “hold my hand,” “sit around the chalkboard,” put this on the pink shelf,” “use the toilet,” “where’s your bottle?” “Sit down,” “wait please,” “what do you say?” we say. Even if the children cannot respond with words, they can at least respond with appropriate actions.
Children spontaneously start singing songs from lessons several months ago, remembered because of constant repetition. Most children now know when they are allowed to play with toys, and understand where the “no go” areas of the classroom are.
“Is that how you are supposed to carry your chair?” Yuka might ask, and the child will stop, and make his/her adjustment.
These days, when a new student enters the class for the first time, they no longer see children spread around the room, but instead trying their hardest to join activities, and answer questions. This inspires the new kids to participate too.
With these routines in place, the classroom is relaxed, and children, confident with their surroundings, are starting to communicate back to us with the English that they know.

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Little Monkeys

Kangaroos in action!