Parent’s Day Fun!

2016年07月04日 Posted by Chika

Hello Mommies and Daddies,

It’s been a couple of weeks since our special Parent’s Day party but we’re still talking about how much fun we all had. It was great to see the children enjoying showing their mommies and daddies what we do here, and even seeing some mommies and daddies join in!

During our free play time, we had fun in our play house area setting the table, cooking food, and matching and hanging up the socks on the laundry line. We also practiced throwing balls for the Rocket Ball Toss!

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We had lots of fun doing our April/May How Can I Help? chant and it was great to see how many of the children remembered it still.

In preschool we had fun showing our mommies and daddies how we brush our teeth with props, going through all the actions together. For afterschool riddles, we played a guessing game where the children listened to the teacher describe what they do at home, and the children guessed the activity such as “I brush my teeth”, “I wash my hands” and “I wash and dry the dishes”.


In afterschool, we had Story Description where everyone, including mommies and daddies, described the story “We Can Share at School”. We even had a very spooky page where everyone could see a ghost in the background, so scary! The children were all so excited to show how they can use English to describe the story book, and to see their parents use English too.

The fun really started when we sang “Rock Around the Mulberry Bush” and danced whilst doing the actions for all the activities we do early in the morning!


As our Learning Center games have been such a hit with the children, we wanted to invite the mommies and daddies to see for themselves how much the children are having. So for Parent’s Day we played a special game of Apple Sorting, as we split into teams and raced to see who could put all their apples on the trees, matching the colors and sizes as we went along. This was so much fun, as mommies and daddies joined in racing between  the start line and the trees. We are so glad that mommies and daddies were able to see how much fun the children are having with their Learning Center games.

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The Story Reading competition was a tough one to call, with both the mommy and daddy team and the children’s team reading the stories, How Can I Help? and We Can Share at School loudly.

For our special Parent’s Day craft we made an Apple Family Tree. This was great fun, putting together the tree and being able to see everyone’s families working together to make it. We hope that you all enjoyed making them to have up in your home.


We finished our Parent’s Day with Presentation Time where we saw all of the children read their favorite stories. It made us all very proud to see the improvement each child makes between every time they read their story, and we are grateful to all the mommies and daddies for their hard work at home. We are so glad that we could all experience such a special Presentation Time together.


Thank you to everyone who joined us, we had so much fun showing you how we have fun with English and we can’t wait till the next party! We are always happy to have mommies and daddies join us during our normal lessons too if you would like to see what fun we get up to.

Have a great week!



Stationary Shop Success!


Hello Mommies and Daddies,

I hope that you are all enjoying the start of the summer. At English Now we are having lots of with our June/July Stationary riddles. The children are playing shopkeepers at stationary shops, listening to the teachers descriptions and guessing which item they want.

In preschool we have seen some of your children not only guess correctly by picking up the right item, but by saying the items name! This shows us how children will naturally listen and pick up key words when they are focused on playing, and produces great results!


Our afterschoolers have exceeded expectations too. In afterschool, after playing the Stationary Shop game, we play the “What do you have in your bag?” guessing game where the teacher describes an item and without seeing it the children guess what they’re describing. Even in the first week we had afterschoolers guessing correctly and listening intently to the item description. We have also been focusing on one stationary item and playing with it focusing on the keys words, such as “fold” for paper. The children have had lots of fun folding the paper into different shapes and have learnt lots of new vocabulary such as  fold in half and corner to corner.


By focusing on having fun playing games, and not “studying”, the children have subconsciously absorbed new vocabulary such as “sticky”, “clear” and “cut”. It has been wonderful to see the children so enthusiastic about playing these riddle games. We hope that in the following weeks in July they continue to have fun playing shopkeepers and can show you all at home what they are doing here.

Have fun everyone!

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