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2016年06月02日 Posted by Chika

Hello Mommies and Daddies,

We’ve now finished our April/May curriculum, but we just had to share with you how much fun everyone had doing the “Things we do at home” riddles! We had 3 main riddles: I wash my hands, I brush my teeth and I wash the dishes. For this riddle activity we used dramatic play to encourage the children to have fun doing the actions whilst listening to the riddle.


For the “I brush my teeth” riddle the children acted out the different stages from “I wet my toothbrush” to “Then I clean my toothbrush” with their own sinks, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

In preschool, we even continued the “I brush my teeth” riddle fun with two  special crafts. The children first made their own toothbrushes with popsicle sticks and paper, decorating them with their name and drawings. Our preschoolers then used their personalized toothbrushes for the riddle actions.

For our second preschool craft at the end of May we practiced making our teeth “nice and clean” by using real toothbrushes to brush a yellow tooth with toothpaste (white paint) until it  was white. This was lots of fun as the children practiced brushing up and down and side to side until they covered their whole tooth with paint.




By having fun doing the actions, we have seen the children subconsciously absorb new vocab such as scrub. We hope that your children will be able to show you all at home the fun actions that they’ve learnt.

We have lots more fun ready for our June/July riddles with Stationary shops and stationary play that we hope your children will enjoy just as much.



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