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2016年05月26日 Posted by Chika

Hello Moms and Dads!

It’s almost the end of May now and we are very excited to share with you our Learning Center games. For the months of April and May, we have been playing learning games with food and drink. In our April Learning Center activities your children have learnt the concept of “halves”, basic addition and subtraction and how to classify items by color and size.

By just focusing on having simple fun in these games, the children have subconsciously picked up new English phrases such as “How many do you think?“, “I think…“, “I want to be the teacher“, “…equals…“.



For May, we introduced a new activity Describe Fruits and Vegetables, which has introduced new English vocabulary based on shape and texture. The children were able to touch not only our texture board which introduced the textures “smooth“, “rough“, “mushy” and “bumpy“, but also the real fruits. The children are enjoying this interactive game and are debating with friends whether fruits are smooth or rough. It has been great to see the children subconsciously absorb the new vocabulary and use it to tell friends what texture they think the food is. We even had a special tasting week where the children were able to taste apples, bananas and lemons and decide for themselves if the fruits are sweet or sour. Some of the mommies have told us that their children are already using words such as “smooth” and “mushy” at home too!

It has been a joy to see the children enjoy themselves and their English thrive in our new Learning Center activities. We hope that the children will have even more fun with our June/July Learning Center activities!



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